Mindful Design

BONAVENTURA reflects elegance and functionality.
Always in step with fashion and with a refined beauty,

our products are finished in every little detail.

BONAVENTURA's identity exists between the design born

from the fusion of Europe's highest grade materials and the acute attention to details.

We get an extra amount of joy by taking things around us and making them exquisite.

Our wish is that we'll always be there, creating this happiness

- so with this in mind we named our company the Italian word BONAVENTURA which means "Good luck."

Designed in Milan

To make new design samples we moved our base to Milan in 2018,

from there we gathered raw materials and information on manufacturing methods

from all over Europe as well as established a workshop for producing the samples.

From there we'll take BONAVENTURA's goods and share them

with the world with this store as its starting point.

Luxurious Leather

BONAVENTURA products are made of German leather coming from one of the most prestigious European tanneries, Perlinger. Perlinger is a tannery that has received much praise from high-end luxury brands. In addition to the excellent quality of the leather, the company is environmentally friendly and uses only high technology.



Expert Craftmanship

The companies that produce our products are only the companies with many years of experience in the field that our designers have researched and selected traveling throughout Europe. Thanks to the work of the best European artisans we succeed in creating a way of creative beauty with the best materials and we give life to every product taking care of the single detail.

Vibrant Colours

The Perlinger leathers used in BONAVENTURA do not discolour and do not fade and the beautiful and bright color is preserved over time.



Lifetime Warranty

The polycarbonate case of BONAVENTURA is covered by the lifetime warranty. We will replace the case for free until the genuine leather case is available. We also offer edge painting repairs, etc. Please contact us if you have problems with the product.