Introducing Envelope Clutch Wallet

Envelope wallet

A slim designed Envelope Clutch Wallet with a sleek look .

It is recommended for people who are worried about small bills breaking in the cashless era.

We will tell you about the charm of this series!

■ POINT ① Stylish design

It is an elegant design that allows you to enjoy the delicate embossing of Noblessa leather made by skilled craftsmen.

Envelope wallet

■ POINT ② Slim and large storage capacity

Wallet × 1, card holder × 4, free pocket with gusset × 1
Passport can be stored completely!

Envelope wallet

Thanks to the back Gusset Zip Pocket you can smartly put in and take out coins with one action.

The thickness is not bulky even if you put a lot, and it is a design that you can use stylishly.

Envelope wallet

■POINT ③ Attractive color variations that are easy to match

Blue lin

Blue Lin






In addition, we are developing five attractive colors with a high-class feel, such as Fuchsia Pink from POINT ① and basic Black.
Whether you want to match it with your belongings in one tone or choose a color that will be an accent, the range of coordination will expand!

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